Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Two Types of People.

   It was interesting yesterday, I was talking to the figure drawing teacher about some issues and while we were walking to the gallery she says, “Love is never enough.” Go back a few months ago where I read an article comparing two well known singers on their choices of meanings towards people/loved ones and the like. John Lennon and Trent Reznor; The Beetles and Nine Inch Nails. The Beetles sang about love, equalization and all that such, NIN goes on about broken hearts and all sorts of angst. One famous song by the Beetles is “All You Need Is Love.” And then for the NIN song: “Love Is Not Enough.” The article makes a lot of sense, although I was curious if I was simply being biased because I like NIN more than the Beetles, and John Lennon has always kind of irked me, where as Trent has always been pretty heart melting for me. Still, hearing her say “Love is never enough” left me with a spark. It is nothing but clear. One cannot simply love a human and expect all to be satisfied and well, there will be fights, there will be issues, there will be building, there will be growth; There is you and there is them. With all that, there is love, but to love one must sacrifice and make the best of themselves and the person that they are loving. To shine a light off yourself, and to break free that light inside another. With that, and for the concept of children, love is never enough: that is your whole life. You must sacrifice yourself to construct another being. You give up apart of yourself to bring up another. That is if you want to do it properly. Similar to some bugs, where they sacrifice themselves as their babies first meal, that is not just love, that is human nature. The good things with humans, is that they can usually get back to what they are passionate  about after a little while when things have settled down a bit.

   It’s odd to imagine that love and sacrifice can be one and the same.  That does not mean we lose ourselves and our love dwindles, it means we know how to nurture and how to balance what is right, wrong, and responsible. Putting aside our selfish desires, to make a stronger bond.

   It’s beautiful to see that there are others out there that know this, I can only wish them the best and to please carry this on. I feel much of the world gets taught backwards thinking and with that generations get messed up. There are a lot of things to mend. 

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